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Let's play with seaweed!
​ Seaweed Oshiba / Seaweed Resin Art

Speaking of seaweed on Kume Island, the famous ones are mozuku and artha.

Do you know what the shape of mozuku and artha is?

I haven't observed it slowly, and most of it is unknown!

In addition to mozuku seaweed and asa, many seaweeds inhabit Kume Island and play an important role for marine life.

Why don't you take a peek at the world of seaweed, which is more interesting as you know it?

The seaweed from Kume Island is used as a sushi or resin art, so you can make only one work in the world that is perfect as a souvenir.

Even those who cannot swim or are afraid of the sea can enjoy the sea on Kume Island!

You can play even on rainy days ~ ♪


Holding period: All year (advance reservation is required. Please contact us for same-day reservation.)

Included in the price: Seaweed fee, material fee such as mount, mail fee, lecture fee

Minimum number of participants: 1 person (may not be held depending on the reservation status of other menus)

Time required: 30-90 minutes (varies depending on the size of the work and the customer's preference)

Participation conditions: 6 years old and over Children 6 years old and under can participate in collaborative work with parents.

Please note: After making a reservation, we will go to collect seaweed. Please note that the types and amounts of seaweed that can be collected vary depending on the season and weather.

Since the work basically requires time to dry, we will send it by mail as soon as possible. In rare cases, we may be able to deliver the work by the departure date, but please note that the mailing fee will not be refunded in that case.


Price: Bookmark size ¥ 1100

Postcard size ¥ 1400

A4 size ¥ 1650

Resin art ¥ 2500

* As an option, a seaweed collection snorkeling tour can also be held.Please contact us for more information.


料金:海藻押し葉しおりサイズ ¥500

   海藻押し葉はがきサイズ ¥1000

   レジンアート ¥2500

​   海藻ハーバリウムボールペン ¥2000

​   ※島民割引全メニュー20%OFF



料金:アクセサリー全種(ピアス・ネックレス・キーホルダー) ¥2​000

​   ※島民割引全メニュー20%OFF


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