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Private yoga

Just breathe and face yourself.


When I put myself in nature and feel the sea, the wind, and the sky, I feel that my worries are tiny.

If you get rid of the frame you made yourself, you can fly more freely and forever ✨

It is a private yoga class that can be held at any time upon request.

* Advance reservation is required.

[Venue] Ef district

・ Eef Beach ・ Lawn in front of tatamiishimae ・ Tonnaha Garden, etc.

* Please contact us if you would like to pick up and drop off.

[What to bring / clothes]

・ Easy-to-move clothes (please come in warm clothes in winter)

・ Face towel ・ Drink


If you participate alone ¥ 5000

If 2 or more people participate, ¥ 3500 / person

[Time required]

About 60 minutes

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