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​To all the businesses on the island

The Kumejima Trip was created to suggest to those who visit Kumejima what kind of island Kumejima can do and how to spend it.

The cooperation of all the businesses on the island is indispensable for our operation.

Why don't you put your thoughts into shape with Kumejima Trip?

We hope that Kume Island will continue to be a sustainable tourist destination and that we can help the people who live on this island to remain happy.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us, as it doesn't matter what the trivial matter is.

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We are looking for business operators in the island who can cooperate with us.

Accommodation companies, restaurants, activity companies, primary industries, retailers

If you have a specific product or tour, we can sell it at our store, and we can also create a new tour that makes the best use of your company's strengths. Also, even if it is not our own product, if there is a plan that we would like to have something like this, we will propose it to the business operator who can realize it.

There are things that one company couldn't do, but if everyone gets together, they can do it.

I would like to get involved so that my work on Kume Island will be more enjoyable.

It is also possible to collaborate with businesses in Naha and Funa Tonaki, so please feel free to contact us.


​For further information, please contact us


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