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​Kume Island Unexplored Tour


Not on the tourist map
Sightseeing spots that Shimanchu wants to recommend

Kume Island is famous for Hate-no-hama, but there are actually many scenic spots created by nature.

Shimanchu (people who live on the island) will guide you through the unexplored region of Kume Island that is not on the tourist map.


We will take you to the most suitable unexplored region according to your desired date and time.

Stay tuned for where to go 💛


Healthy person over 6 years old

You will be walking on foot.


90 minutes course ¥ 3300 / person

Half-day course ¥ 5500 / person

* Additional ¥ 550 will be charged if the event is held alone.

* All courses include insurance, guide, and rental fees .



Please wear comfortable clothes and footwear.

It is recommended to wear a hat for heat stroke and protection.

Please bring a drink for hydration.

Due to environmental protection, we cannot give you the details of the location in advance. note that.

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