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Yui Yui Maja Sanpo ♪
~ Kumejima Tsumugi no Sato The story of the water of Kumejima ~ 

Maja, which has a lot of tsumugi in Kumejima, is a village where not only historical buildings but also culture and customs are alive in today's life. The "local people" who have been nurtured through tsumugi weaving and farming over a long history are the charm of this Maja. We will take a walk while talking about the treasures of such areas, such as the current state of life and folk tales that are handed down in the area.

\ What is the Maja village on Kumejima? /
It is a village on the east side of the island, and it is said that both adults and children love Maja.
This tour is recommended for those who want to experience Okinawan culture, where you can see that history is connected to today's life.

You can meet the people of the village during the walk, so you can expect to meet at that time.


Holding period: Throughout the year (in case of rain, we can guide you with a video if you wish)

Included in the price: Guide fee, insurance fee, Yuimaru building admission fee

Minimum number of participants: 1 person (additional charge will be incurred if 1 person is held)

Participation conditions: Those who are 6 years old or older and can walk slowly but in time

What to bring: Drinks and candies for replenishing water and salt

Easy-to-walk clothes and footwear

Note: The itinerary may change due to weather and other circumstances.
Always keep hydrated and be sure to tell if you are not feeling well.

Advance application is required by the day before.

Schedule: Meeting → Village walk → Dissolution

Price: 90 to 120 minutes ¥ 3300 / person (¥ 3850 for one person)

Optional English interpreter + ¥ 2200

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