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Harusa experience

In the forest where the wind returns, as "creating a forest 100 years from now, starting with the creation of fields"

By using the fallow land near the exchange facility as a field and growing vegetables by organic farming, we are working to create an opportunity to think about the good relationship between nature and people on Kume Island and the regeneration of Satoyama and Satoumi.

The grown vegetables are used as snacks at the Kazemori School Children's Club, as well as for meals and lunches for hotel guests.

Would you like to experience growing and harvesting Okinawan island vegetables grown without pesticides?

It is also recommended for families with children who like vegetables and hate vegetables ♪


Holding period: All year (cancelled in the rain)

Participation conditions: 6 years old and over

It is a gentle course with few ups and downs.

Time required: Approximately 1 hour (excluding meal time)

Price: ¥ 2200 / person

6-11 years old ¥ 1100 / person

Options: ① Kazemori vegetable lunch included + ¥ 1100

② Kazemori vegetables with BBQ + ¥ 1650

Included in the price: Guide fee / insurance fee

What to bring: Hat, drink, comfortable clothes and shoes

Long-sleeved trousers are recommended because there are many insects.

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