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​Lomi Lomi Treatment

◆ BODY ◆

Churaumi Nature Lomi Lomi

With a rhythm that matches the ebb and flow of the tide, you can use your arms and elbows to dynamically flush your entire body. It brings deep healing not only physically but also mentally.
  ¥ 11,000 (whole body excluding head and abdomen)
  ¥ 13,200 (with head massage)
120min. ¥ 16,500 (whole body + tired part)



Churashima Relax Facial

An all-handed superb treatment that brightens and refreshes your skin and soul. We use a skin care series created based on the deep sea water of Kume Island.
  ¥ 11,000
(Cleansing-> Face wash-> Oil treatment-> Pack-> Skin conditioning)



Churaumi reward beauty treatment salon

22,000 yen → 19,800 yen

A special 120 minutes that includes 60 minutes of Lomi Lomi and 60 minutes of facial. By the time the treatment is over, not only the body but also the mind will be refreshed and light.


・ Head & Shoulders Gently loosen the head and shoulders.

・ Use foot reflexology oil to flush from below the knees to the soles of the feet.
20min each. ¥ 2,750


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