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Waterfall trekking

Let's take a negative ion!
Refresh your mind and body with waterfall trekking

Eligibility: Healthy person over 12 years old with physical strength

(People with chronic illness or those who are not feeling well on the day may not be able to participate.)

Minimum number of participants: 3 people

Price: ¥ 4950 / person Guide fee, insurance fee, rental fee are included.

Time required: About two and a half hours (It will change depending on the physical strength of the customer.)


Please wear comfortable clothes and footwear. Long sleeves such as rash guards are recommended.

Please bring a drink for hydration.

Due to environmental protection, we cannot give you the details of the location in advance. note that.

It is a growing range of precious natural creatures. To protect the environment, we will specify a place to walk. If you do not follow the guide's instructions, we may cancel your tour.

The tour may be canceled if the weather or other danger is determined. note that.

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